Saturday, May 21, 2011

Elevation Burger - Coral Springs, FL

Elevation Burger
BBR = 5.93

I had high expectations for Elevation Burger. They claim to have high quality food. The beef is 100% USDA-certified organic, 100% grass-fed, 100% free-range beef, 100% ground-on-premises, and they use 100% heart-healthy olive oil. Maybe it's just the places I have been to so far, but it is becoming apparent that when a burger joint claims to be 100% healthy in something, it usually packs 0% in the flavor department. That's just my experiences so far. If this is the best you can do trying to create healthy, flavorful food then just give me a cow that is 100% USDA-certified INorganic and 100% bacon-fed. I want the kind of cow that drinks sewer water and has a criminal background. I don't need the free-range stuff.

I am going to keep this short, since my disappointment in almost impairing me from writing this. I ordered the standard Elevation Burger with "original" toppings, fries, and a chocolate shake. The beef had absolutely no flavor, the fries were soggy(maybe the olive oil?), and the only thing that salvaged the meal was the chocolate shake. The patty did have a nice sear, but there was something that seemed off to me. Some weird taste coated my tongue, which not even the Elevation sauce could drown out or wash away. The Elevation sauce in fact was barely noticeable. I think they used about an eye drop of it, so I could not even tell you how it tasted or what was in it. I think my summation of the whole meal was "There was something off" because I still can't put my finger on it.

So try at your own risk, but don't be a prisoner of the hype. This is not a good burger! Make sure you get a shake so you have maybe one good memory of it.

The Elevation Burger
Double meat, double cheese (real Cheddar) with "Original" toppping: Elevation sauce, pickles lettuce, and tomatoes
Burger Total: $5.99

Burger Boi Rating (BBR) = 5.93

(35%) Burger patty 5.5
(20%) Toppings 6.5
(20%) Bun 6
(15%) Sides 6
(10%) Wow-Factor 6

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