Monday, June 27, 2011

Burger Bar by Chef Allen - Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (Terminal 4), FL

Surf & Turf Burger
BBR = 7.85

Chef Allen is kind of a big deal. So when I first saw Burger Bar in the Fort Lauderdale Airport I knew next time I flew, I would have to make a pit stop and give it a try. Luckily, I happened to be flying to New York this weekend to visit my "baby". My boy Justin gave me a ride to the airport and I felt he was as excited to try this place as was I. So after I checked in we walked through the sweat box of a garage created by this Florida heat to Terminal 4 for burgers, a very noble cause.

I am always a little hesitant about ordering surf & turf burgers. They always sound great on paper, but very few places actually execute it successfully. The surf as well as the turf needs to be able to stand up on their own, but when married together explode flavorful goodness. In this case it was a success; good burger, good shrimp, good together. The shrimp were cooked perfectly plump and juicy and when taken in with the burger packed a flavorful punch. The patty itself was pretty good; nice beef flavor and was juicy. It was seasoned well. The Thousand Island dressing gave it a nice creamy sweetness and everything seemed to meld together nicely, except for one big issue. The bun really needed to be toasted. This was a juicy burger and the bottom bun as usual became a wet mess. The simple act of toasting can go a LONG way.

Justin wanted to order sweet potato fries and I wanted the regular crinkle cut ones, so the bar tender just suggested we do a mixed basket. The fries looked good but were really just eh'. Not much taste and served semi-warm. I guess my pet peeve with fries is that they got to be served HOT, like they should never be waiting on the tray for your burger to finish cooking, and then delivered. They should go from fryer to plate to customer.

Are you a smoothie or a milkshake fan? Well if you're both, I would say get the Peanut Butter/Banana shake (Felt like straying from my patented chocolate milkshake order). This thing was freaking delicious. They brought this out a little too early for me because I nearly downed the whole thing by the time the burgers arrived. They topped it with whipped cream and garnished it with real peanuts. DELICIOUS!

Surf & Turf Burger
Great burger, griddled shrimp, Thousand Island dressing, lettuce, tomato, onion.
Burger Total: $12.00

Burger Boi Rating (BBR) = 7.85

(35%) Burger patty 8.5
(20%) Toppings 8
(20%) Bun 7
(15%) Sides 7.5
(10%) Wow-Factor 7.5

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