Monday, June 6, 2011

Charm City Burger Company - Deerfield Beach, FL

The Big Sloppy
BBR = 8.18

When people find out that I write a burger blog the three most recommended places I'm told to try are B&B Joint, Le Tub, and Charm City.  So let's say there was already a lot of hype and expectations built into this review. My last review didn't go so well and I was not looking forward to another disappointment. So for Sunday Funday we made a boys-day-out trip to Deerfield Beach to try a little hole in the wall called Charm City Burger Company.

Mark aka the original Big Sloppy

The burger was called "The Big Sloppy"!!! (Enough said) Has there ever been such a beautiful name for a burger? The name alone sounds delicious. Double meat, double cheese, double bacon, etc, etc. This thing was a breakfast sandwich, a lunch sandwich, it was a brunch sandwich. Eggs, bacon, cheese, hash brown all piled high onto one bun. Simply amazing!!!

When I first met eyes with this thing I knew it was all over. Never have I had such a burger monstrosity placed in front of me. This skyscraper of a burger was going to be one hell of a mission. I took a good five minutes just staring at it trying to figure out how I could possibly get this thing to my mouth without making a mess of my shirt. I mean it's called The Big Sloppy for a reason. But it's the good kind of sloppy. I prepared myself with a stack of napkins, used a chainsaw to cut it in half, and went to work.

The burger had a nice beefy flavor. They cooked it to a perfect medium-rare and the thing cried out tears of pure juiciness. My only issue with the burger was that it didn't have any sear at all. No crust! Otherwise, it hit all high marks. The artisan baked sesame seed bun was chewy and actually stood up to the burger without disintegrating like what seems to happen with most buns when you eat a burger with tons of moisture. This thing stood firm. The fried egg was cooked perfectly, although I usually prefer a looser yolk, this thing didn't need to be any sloppier. The hash brown provided the burger a crunchy, mushy goodness and the bacon gave a nice peppery crunch. Then there was the Charm Sauce. This was your normal pink "secret" sauce except it had a kick of heat in it, which made it better than your average thousand island secret sauce concoction.

Everyone else went with tater tots so I chose the fries. They were just okay, so I scooped some of my friends' tots and they were definitely better than the fries. For the drink I went with a double chocolate stout float, which was basically chocolate beer and ice-cream. It turns out beer and ice-cream is not that good of a combo. I then changed up and went with a Cherry Coke float, which turned out to be a better choice, but if I did it again I would just go with a regular milkshake. They have some unique combinations so I wanted to be different and go with something you don't see everywhere else (hindsight is 20/20 right). Did I mention the shakes are made with Blue Bell Ice Cream?

Nice microbrew beer selection!

This tiny place packs a punch of flavor in its food. I will definitely be back to try the "Vocano Style" burger! Great place to enjoy good food with good company. Please check out the menu and give this place a try!

The Big Sloppy
Double meat (One patty is 1/3lb proprietary steak blend), double cheese, double bacon, hash brown, fried egg, lettuce, tomato, onion (I don't do raw onion), pickle, and Charm Sauce
Burger Total: $9.50

Burger Boi Rating (BBR) = 8.18

(35%) Burger patty 8.5
(20%) Toppings 8.5
(20%) Bun 8
(15%) Sides 7
(10%) Wow-Factor 8.5

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  1. That sandwich sounds so gross, yet so tasty. I live outside Deerfield Beach. I may try this Big Sloppy soon,just to see what affect it has on my stomach and overall health.

  2. Yes, this burger may just be worth the heart attack!

  3. The burgers here are decent but not quite worth the hype. A couple of pet peeves I have about the place:

    1. Parking is horrible. Seriously, horrible.

    2. The place is so hyped up that come lunch time everyone and their mom is there, and all squeezed into the tiny little dining space. So good luck getting a seat if you're planning on dining in. And it literally takes a half hour to get the burger.

    3. The place is called "Charm City Burger", and one would think that would be in reference to Charm City, a.k.a. Baltimore, Maryland. But other than a vaguely Baltimorish skyline in the logo, there's nothing in the restaurant that makes any reference to Baltimore whatsoever. I mean, would it kill them to plaster up an Orioles or Ravens banner on the wall or a picture of a crab or something? It's like calling a place "Big Apple Pizza" and having nothing referencing New York inside of it. Sorry, as a native Marylander turned Floridian, this just bugs me.

    As for the burgers themselves, they are okay. Not bad. But given the pain in the rear parking, cramped seating and the looooong wait time, you are just as well going to Five Guys. Not worth the hype, IMHO.