Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rare Bar and Grill - New York, NY

M&M Burger
BBR = 6.93 

Ah' the City the Never Sleeps. So much anticipation has been built up into this trip. I am actually stepping out of my 954, South Florida comfort zone and am ready to experience what the New York burger community has to offer. So when I first stepped into the upscale looking Rare Bar and Grill, I expected to have an upscale dining experience. The only problem was that the food was not as upscale as the environment, nor the price.

For starters I ordered the Lollipop Wings which were, according to the menu, served with a warm roquefort fondue. Sounds interesting, but it wasn't. What arrived were buffalo chicken wings, which had the bone cleaned so they looked like a "lollipop", and roquefort dressing, which is just a sheep's milk blue cheese. I hoped at least they were going to be the best damn chicken wings I ever ate but they didn't even come close.

As for the burger I couldn't taste the whiskey, the bacon was chewy, and the bottom half of the bun disappeared. Now, it wasn't a complete failure. The beef had nice flavor and was cooked to medium-rare as requested. The shallots were tasty too. It was a good burger, not a great burger, and good just doesn't work for me. It left me feeling disappointed. My expectations were too high for this place; definitely not worth the $15 dollar price tag.

I went with the parmesan truffle fries which came with an assortment of dips, so let's go over them:

New Mexican Chili Ketchup - gross
Chipotle Aioli - just okay, I've had better
Honey Maple Dip - good for pancakes and waffles, not fries (maybe sweet potato fries?)
Ketchup - YUM! Regular old ketcup worked the best for me

The fries in genereal were just average.

On a side note, they serve even more expensive "steakhouse burgers"' where you can get a burger made from a t-bone or a ribeye for over $20 bucks. To me it's a marketing scheme. You don't need expensive steak quality meats to make a great burger. I mean why make a burger out of my favorite steak the ribeye? You break down that melt in your mouth texture you want from a steak and just turn it into basically ground beef. It's not worth it and doesn't elevate the burger!

My girlfriend summed up the experience quite eloquently, "The pickles are good!"

M&M Burger
Our classic flambéed in whiskey, topped with carmelized shallots, cheddar cheese, & applewood smoked bacon
Burger Total: $15.00

Burger Boi Rating (BBR) = 6.93

(35%) Burger patty 7.5
(20%) Toppings 7
(20%) Bun 7
(15%) Sides 6
(10%) Wow-Factor 6

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