Friday, July 8, 2011

Le Tub - Hollywood, FL

BBR = 7.45

It all started with an article in GQ magazine called "20 Hamburgers You Must Eat Before You Die". This one article sparked the idea for one of Oprah's best friends, Gayle King, to go on a quest to try all 20 of the nations "best" burgers. Well it just so happens the number one burger on that list falls right in my backyard. Yes, I am talking about Le Tub in Hollywood Florida. Therefore, I rounded up the troops and marched on over to see if this piece of meat actually stood up to the enormous hype that surrounded it. I know what you’re thinking and I'm sorry. I too feel a little queasy after using the words Oprah, tub, and burger in the same paragraph.

We entered the parking lot and my first thoughts of the place were somewhere between junkyard and jungle. Le Tub sits where a gas station once stood, yet it is now overgrown with greenery and decorated with tubs, toilets, and sinks. The inside had that seafood bar type of feel with cargo nets and buoys hanging from the ceiling and is equipped with a pool table and jukebox. There was no hostess to greet us. My friend Mark, The Big Sloppy,  said he just wandered around for a little bit then decided just to sit at an open table.

The server was cold and abrupt, though she warmed up towards the end probably thanks to fact that we were drinking. It was all our first times there, so she explained that food will take a long time to come out to the table so we better be prepared to wait. I already knew the deal with this place. I expected the wait, as long as the burger was worth it. I ordered the Sirloinburger, a large order of fries to share, and I was drinking Heineken Light. It ended up to be a 45-60 minute wait for the food to come out which was fast, as they were not busy, she noted.

Let me back track a little and talk about the appetizer we ordered. The Old Bay seasoned pull and peel shrimp that came out were delicious. The shrimp were giant and juicy. It was nice starter; unfortunately I dug into these right away and didn't realize I forgot the pic until it was too late. So this is now what you get.

The burgers finally came out, one after another, from the kitchen. They were gigantic; like a couch cushion between two buns. Like inches thick! I disregarded the raw onion, like usual, topped the patty with the tomato and lettuce provided, squirted a little ketchup for good measure, and tried to fit this thing between my jaws. It was a hard task, but I got a good bite. I wasn't really impressed. Yes the burger was seared all around, and yes it was cooked medium-rare (Waitress told us the cook likes it on the lighter side, so a little more rare than medium) as I requested, and yes this thing definitely showcased the beef, but sadly it just fell way short on taste. It definitely seemed under salted and lacked any real depth of flavor. Yes I tasted beef, I mean this thing is ALL beef, but it just tasted...well pedestrian. If you flatten that thing down to normal human eating size and it would have been just like any other good burger you can find anywhere around the country. The only thing that made this thing stand out to me was the size. (I won't even discuss the bun, I can't remember it)

I will give good marks for the fries. They were fresh cut steak fries, salted and hot and crispy!

It seemed like a bunch of puffed up hype and hoopla and I couldn't buy into it. I know the reputations of these places when I decide to go somewhere, but I try to have an open mind as if I am just a normal person who decided to have a burger at some random place. I try not to get affected by the awards and honors, eat the food, and give my honest opinion.

The Big Sloppy strikes again!

Sirloinburger ($11.00)

13 oz. ground top sirloin, seasoned, charbroiled, served on a bun with lettuce, tomato, onion.
+ American cheese ($0.50)
Burger Total $11.50

Burger Boi Rating (BBR) = 7.45

(35%) Burger patty 7.5
(20%) Toppings 7
(20%) Bun 7
(15%) Sides 8.5
(10%) Wow-Factor 7.5

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