Tuesday, August 2, 2011

CG Burgers - Coral Springs, FL

CG Burger
BBR = 6.33

I knew when starting this blog that not every burger I tried would be a winner. There are a lot of shitty burgers out there. So this journey was going to be filled with a lot of let downs and disappointments. When it comes to the new CG Burgers that opened in Coral Spring I kept an open mind. I didn't hear any rave reviews about this place, but a burger is a burger and every burger deserves a chance. When we walked inside, my first thought was BurgerFi. The inside decor seemed eerily similar and both places are all about all-natural beef, antibiotic and hormone free. I thought the menu was pretty interesting and although the Bison Burger seemed to be calling me, I went with the CG Burger to get a good feel for what their signature type of burger is all about. With that I got the onion rings, recommended by the cashier, and a chocolate shake.

If you have never been here before they give you this number film-like type of stick thing that you slide in some electronic device at your table. I guess it's some new technology which lets the servers know where you sat. Kind of weird. It already has a number, just look for the number. No need to go all hi-tech. Well the shake came out first. It looked and tasted good. I'm not a milk shake expert, but as long as it's thick, tastes like the flavor you ordered, and is served ice cold, I'm happy. The one pet peeve I do have with shakes is that places need to serve them with thick straws, not those puny fountain drink ones. It takes a hefty effort to get any damn shake to your mouth.

The burger and onion rings arrived. I went for the rings first. They were giant, crispy, greasy, and pretty damn good. They served them with a chipotle dipping sauce which I eventually ended up using on the burger, but we will get to that in a minute. The burger wasn't a giant, but it looked like it had promise. I dug in. I was wrong. It was just bland - I'm talking the meat here. It had no real flavor, not even salt. It was overcooked, dry, and though it had a sear it was way too much. The sear went into the burnt category. So now circle back around to the chipotle sauce which I placed on the burger to add some kind of excitement to it. Even with that there was no way to salvage it. It was just average.

Maybe I am being too hard on them?

CG Burger
Double stack hamburger. I added cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and ketchup.
Burger Total: $5.75

Burger Boi Rating (BBR) = 6.33 

(35%) Burger patty 6
(20%) Toppings 6
(20%) Bun 6
(15%) Sides 7.5
(10%) Wow-Factor 7

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