Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quickie's Burgers and Wings - Hollywood, FL

BBR = 7.68

Can the 2010 Burgies Best Specialty Burger really be awarded to a place with a drive-thru? That is exactly what I wondered when my friends and I pulled into the parking lot of Quickie's Burgers and Wings. Drive-thru usually means fast food and fast food means low quality. So to say I was particularly nervous about this one.

The place is pretty tiny. We went to counter where you place your order and after the question, "What is the best burger?" was asked by Kris, we decided to go with the owner's answer, "The M.O.A.B!" (Mother Of All Burgers) It happened to be the anniversary of their opening so it was like buy a burger, get the second burger discounted. Good time for me to decide try this place I thought. I ordered fries and yes, another chocolate milkshake. We were told that it was going to take a good 15 minutes for these burgers to come out so we took some seats and waited. When the food finally arrived we were ready.

The shake was not the best to be honest. It had a real syrupy taste to it. There may have been too much chocolate syrup or maybe a lack of quality ice cream. Not sure which. The fries were crisp and hot. They were served with Quickie's Sauce, which I am still trying to figure out all the ingredients. Here is what I have so far: mayo...I know its mayo based, but not sure what else. It was pinkish so naturally something red. I believe it may have had some type of pickled peppers mixed in, or maybe pickles themselves. In any case it was freaking delicious. It was creamy and packed a nice bit of heat. There was no real need for ketchup. Then it was time for the burger.

This thing is a meal in itself. I mean it already has fries on it. I took one bite and looked at the imprint I left. Barely made a dent, but in that dent pooled insatiable juiciness, followed by oozy cheese. This was not going to be an easy feat. You need like a two story stack of napkins next to you to eat this. After every bite you have to wipe your face. It's messy, but in that good type of messy way. It's chargrilled with nice crusty grill marks and inside was cooked to medium-rare as requested. Of course the burger was also topped with Quickie's Sauce which is just as good on the burger as it was on the fries. So was there anything wrong with this burger? Well...yes a couple things. A giant slab of flaccid bacon topped the burger. It provided some smokiness, but lacked that crunch you look for with bacon. It was too soft and needed to be cooked more. The sesame seed bun could not stand up to the one pound patty as after a couple bites in it just ripped apart like tissue paper. You pretty much end up holding the patty and whatever else you can in your bare hands. Still with all that it was a tasty burger.

It was something of a spectacle to eat this thing; customers were watching and asking questions to us and the owners. I felt like I was in an eating competition. People wanted to see us finish it. Sadly, I had to let everyone down. Too much shake, too much fries, too little of a stomach for me to handle. If this was Man vs Food than Food definitely won this battle - hands down!

This may not be one of those burgers you can eat every day, but it is definitely worth the experience to try it once. If not this burger, than one of the many others you can order that are on a smaller scale. Normally, I would have just gone with the Quickie's Original, but you cannot pass up an award winning burger.

By the way, they do sell the best soda ever made!!!

1 lb. patty stuffed with cheese, topped with lettuce, tomato, fried onions, bacon, french fries and Quickie's sauce.
Burger Total: $9.99

Burger Boi Rating (BBR) = 7.68

(35%) Burger patty 8
(20%) Toppings 8
(20%) Bun 7
(15%) Sides 7.5
(10%) Wow-Factor 7.5

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