Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bru's Room Wings N' Things - Sunrise, FL

Bleu Cheese Bacon Burger

This Sunday I  decided to ruin my day with a trip to Bru's Room Wings N' Things for a burger. I really did have high hopes for this place and after a ton of football I was hungry.

First of all,  if you live in South Florida you most likely have heard of Bru's Room. It's a known watering hole for many of you alcoholics out there. I've been here before, but never for a burger. Usually I just stick to the beer and wings which is exactly what they are known for, but they do serve a burger and you know me if a place serves a burger then it's fair game for me to try and tell the world about. So what was the verdict...?

BurgerBleu Cheese Bacon Burger $8.95 (with side) - 1/2 lb Angus beef burger with bacon and a side of bleu cheese, topped with lettuce and tomato

When this thing arrived at the table, I knew it was over. A very pedestrian looking burger which screamed "Hey, if I'm eating this I must like Budweiser and sex with my sister" Not sure why that came to mind, it just did. It was a very sad burger with two skinny criss-crossing pieces of bacon lying over the patty. It was served with lettuce and one tomato slice on the side (The tomato sliced notably came of the very end of the fruit). This thing didn't look good and didn't smell good, like a big girl in a tube top. Honestly, this may have been the most putrid burger I have had in a long while, since before I created this blog.

I ordered this because it was their "signature" burger as the menu stated. Well who ever signed their signature on the dotted line to put this on the menu should be beaten with a blunt object and sodomized. Absolutely no care went into crafting a serious burger for their menu. The bun was too thick and dense, like old bread, the burger wasn't seasoned correctly, and the bleu cheese was straight out of the bottle. Everything just tasted old.

Side - Cheese Fries $0.50 (for the cheese topping)

Let me save you the suspense, the fries SUCKED too! They were served luke warm with a nacho cheese style sauce which was nauseating. Like the burger, the fries tasted past their prime.

Drink - Water *Free

Best part of the meal and I needed hydration from celebrating my boy Derek's 28th birthday and his wife Jill's 27th birthday the night before!

Conclusion: NEVER NEVER NEVER order a burger here. This thing was gross! Stick with what they are known for, their wings, and make sure you get them Triple Threat style!

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