Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fuddruckers - Pembroke Pines, FL

Portobello and Swiss
BBR = 6.38

Do you remember your first hamburger? Neither do I, but I am pretty sure it was comprised mostly of McDonald's and Fuddruckers! I used to love this place! You would walk in and see the dead cow carcass hanging on the hook in the walk in cooler next to the line when you placed your order, and knew your burger was fresh. (The dead cow always made me hungrier for some reason) The burgers were humungous and the topping bar had everything you wanted. Boy have things changed. I know Fuddys took a hit some years ago and many of the stores closed, but I found one still open in Pembroke Pines and thought I would relive some good burger memories from my youth with a special review. Boy how wrong I was. This was not the same place :(

This "new" Fuddruckers had that chain like franchise feel with just as bad food quality. This place just did not have the same feel it used to. Literally 2 minutes after placing my order the buzzer started vibrating, signaling my order was ready. I hadn't even sat down yet. So yes they were quick, maybe too quick. So I looked at my burger and immediately was disappointed. No finesse. I went with the sad, drab Portobello and Swiss burger. Portobello mushrooms should not have looked like this. I took my burger over to topping bar, dressed it with some lettuce, tomato, pickles, and some ketchup and mayo. My Oreo Shake was waiting for me at the table. The overall look of the food, prepared me to have a sucky meal, but I dove in anyway.

I started with the fries. They were actually more of potato wedges than fries. I bit one and mush. The light undercooked yellowish color should of gave it away. No crispiness, no crunch, just soft mush. They lacked salt and flavor, so I just covered them with liquid cheese from the nacho cheese type dispenser. The shake had good Oreo flavor, even had broken up bits of the cookie in it, but it was too thin. Shakes need to be thick...and it was not served ice cold, it was cool. The horror continued. The burger just didn't look appetizing. I picked it up and the fresh baked sesame seed bun just felt like plastic. It was lighter than air and lacked any real taste. The portobello mushroom had a gross tang to them, the Swiss cheese went unnoticed, and the beef itself had uneven cooking temps. It went from medium to medium-well, missing the medium-rare I ordered completely. The flavor was just okay. Nothing in this meal stood out. It was a burger you forget about once you leave the building and you are actually grateful for that.

This was not Fuddruckers. This was Fuddsuckers. I seriously don't get the rave reviews this place gets online. People these days are impressed by smoke and mirrors. The only real highlight of the night was seeing this guy with a leash on his kid. Made me chuckle in between each bite.

Portobello and Swiss
Portobello mushrooms and Swiss cheese (Added from topping bar lettuce, tomato, pickle, mayo and ketchup)
Combo Total: $11.09 (Included burger, fries, and shake)

Burger Boi Rating (BBR) = 6.38

(35%) Burger patty 6.5
(20%) Toppings 6.5
(20%) Bun 6
(15%) Sides 6
(10%) Wow-Factor 7

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