Monday, October 24, 2011

Bulldog Burger - Miami, FL


Bulldog Burger is the dream creation from Howie Kleinberg. You might remember him from Top Chef Season 3 where he earned himself the nickname the "Bulldog" for his blunt and aggressive nature in the kitchen. Just opened this year, Bulldog Burger sits directly next too his other creation Bulldog BBQ, which already has earned him some honors and awards down in the Miami area. Both restaurants are connected and both menus are available.

Yes, today was the day for me to try a "Top Chef" style burger! Finally, some foie gras, reduction sauces, and maybe foam!? (Sarcasm) I was hoping to see something different on the menu than just your normal lettuce, tomato, and onion burger. A burger by a chef of this caliber should blow you away.

Burger - Luther $9.00 - Crisp bacon, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, house sauce, "crispy cream" sweet glazed bun

I was going back and forth between all the burgers. I couldn't decide. Do I want the one with candy bacon, spicy peanut butter, or bacon-jalapeno marmalade? I left it up to the server who told me the Luther was his favorite and has not had any disappointed customers that have tried it. What the hell I thought. Let's do it!

You already read the description of the Luther above, so let's get into dissecting this thing. This riff on a Krispy Kreme burger is not for the faint of heart. It's the exact opposite of healthy, beware. They don't use a glazed doughnut; in fact, they glaze their own brioche buns to give it that stick sweet feel. I was pleasantly surprised how the sweetness of the glazed bun with the contrast of the beef and bacon, worked in such harmony. It was definitely offered a unique experience I haven't found in a burger yet. But it wasn't all fireworks. To be honest, though tasty, it was just too sweet for me. It's like when you eat too much cookies or something. Your stomach says "Why did I do that?" It's a heavy feeling. The caramelized onions went unnoticed. I took the top bun off and had too shuffle through the bacon to find them. There just wasn't enough on the burger to make an impact. The house sauce was minimally used, which is understandable. It was really good and gave a nice complimentary note to the beef. Yes the beef. This was my favorite part of the whole burger. It was seasoned well and cooked perfectly to the medium-rare temp I requested. It just tasted like real beef; strong and manly.

Side - Chipotle Fries $4.00

The fries were kind of a let down. Yes they were hot, crispy, and well salted, but when you order Chipotle Fries you expect them to have a kick. I don't think I would have been able to tell the difference between these and regular fries if you didn't tell me. They really lacked the chipotle part. I wanted heat and it just didn't deliver.

Drink - Water
I know I've been slacking lately on the drink orders. Have not had a milkshake or a beer in a while.

Conclusion: Yes, I think Bulldog Burger is worth the try. I may get a little too critical but I have too. It's my job. I would definitely come back and try a different burger. It may be a personal thing; I just don't want to feel like I am eating a dessert when having a burger.

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