Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Char-Hut - Tamarac, FL


Char-Hut used to be my once a week indulgence. One of the four locations sits right near my office so it's easy to swing by on my lunch break and partake in the consumption of a highly regarded burger. Maybe I am biased because I grew up eating Char-Hut. To me Char-Hut falls somewhere between fast food and restaurant. It was that place once in a while I would decide to spring for and drop a few extra dollars. I always found it worth the money.

Char-Hut opened its doors in 1976 and after 35 years of serving happy customers it has gained quite a reputation. Ask anyone who has tried it; they usually have positive things to say. I am no different. I had to cut myself off when I started writing this blog so I could experience the other burgers out there. So what have I learned? Yes there are better burgers out there, but there are many worse. You can fight me on this, but for some reason I have grown partial to this place.

Burger - Char-burger $7.92 (Combo price with side and fountain drink, I got cheese on the burger which was extra) 1/3 lb. patty (mayo, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickles, caramelized onions, mushrooms)

Maybe the best thing about this place is getting to watch your food cook right in front of you. As soon as you order they drop your burger on an open flame grill which sits right in front of the order station so all can see. The fresh never frozen burgers are cooked to order, but being on the thinner side there is really not much difference from a medium-rare to a medium burger here. When your burger is done they pass it down the assembly line and it gets placed on a toasted poppy seed bun, unless you choose one of the other bun options. From there it heads to the topping bar where you get your choice of fresh toppings. You then pay, sit down, and go to work.

As I said I've had the Char-burger at least 50 times before so this wasn't a new experience for me. I knew I would like it. I really can't put my finger on why I do though. I don't see them seasoning the meat. It seems as if they just plop it on the grill and expect the grill to do all the seasoning. The beef itself isn't the most beefiest piece of meat, but that char grill flavor does get infused and with the fresh toppings and the poppy seed bun that I favor it just works.

Side - Cheese Fries

The fries are hand cut and fresh cut so you get those little crunchy spots of potato skin on each fry. Each fry order is cooked as it's placed, so you get the fries fresh out the fryer while they are still hot and crispy. Again, I didn't see even a handshake of salt go towards seasoning the fries, however I still liked them. I get the cheese sauce on the side, sort of an OCD habit of mine. I like dipping things. Here is my technique; you dip into the cheese sauce and then dip into a little ketchup. I seem to be fond of the cheese sauce/ketchup combo.

Drink - Cherry Coke

Only the best Coke flavor ever made!

Conclusion: Char-Hut is great place for a quick meal and it's not just their burgers. They serve up some good hot dogs and chicken sandwiches as well. It may be on the pricey side for this kind of place, but I feel it's worth it; maybe not everday, but when you want to spring on something different. DO IT!

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