Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tobacco Road - Miami, FL

South of the Border/Death

So I was sitting at work and I got this call from my boy Kris. He wanted to know if I wanted to leave Ft. Lauderdale and drive all the way down to South Miami to try a burger at what is considered Miami's oldest bar. The answer was yes and off I went. So my hour lunch ended up being a two and a half hour lunch!

Tobacco Road was the destination. You have to check out the history on this place. It previously has been everything from a speakeasy and gambling den to a gay bar. It made it through everything from Prohibition to George Bush. Still operating since 1912 Tobacco Road is a must try for the Miami experience! I couldn't decide on which burger I wanted to try. So I decided to split half of two burgers and do you guys a big favor with a DOUBLE BURGER REVIEW!!! You can thank me later.

 Burger - Death $7.50 Pepper Jack cheese & "Death Love" our blend of sauteed onions and jalapenos

The name describes the experience. This thing is HOT. I like a little heat, but I can't do hot, I'm a medium type of person. This thing is fire. I don't know what they do to that Death Love, but it has to be more than just jalapenos. They used a thin USDA Choice Sirloin patty which I find an odd choice for a burger as sirloin can be pretty lean and a burger needs fat. Texturally it wasn't the best patty. It didn't have that melt in your mouth feeling. The potato roll bun was toasted slightly and held up well.

Burger - South of the Border $8.00 Pepper jack cheese, homemade chili, guacamole, jalapenos, & a dash of sour cream

This was the better of the two burgers. All the flavors just melded together and the sour cream helped mellow a lot of the heat and added a nice creaminess to the burger. This was ordered medium, but came out somewhat dryer than I expected. Again the chili, guac, and sour cream helped provide that needed moisture. Flavor-wise I would go with this over the Death burger.

Side - Hand-Cut Fries *Came with the burger

The fries were not that impressive. They seemed greasy and had that old oily taste. It kind of put me off.

Drink - Oktoberfest

MMMMMMMMMM BEER! (arghhh) Beer was a good choice. Yup, nothing like a seasonal beer with good friends and good food! Good thing I only had one. I had to get back to work.

Conclusion: This is a great little dive bar which packs personality and a lot of history. If you're a Miami resident and haven't tried this place your missing out on a real Miami staple and if your a tourist it's a great place to have some drinks with friends, listen to good music, and eat great bar food.

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