Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ROK:BRGR - Fort Lauderdale, FL


Trying to find a burger today was a mission! My boy Josh flew in from New York (LETS GO HEAT!) and we thought it would be a nice day to enjoy a burger. We went to three different places; all closed. Finally, we decided on ROK:BRGR. Now I have to say I did give this place a try prior to starting this blog and I wasn't impressed, but everybody derserves a second chance.

ROK:BRGR is a self described "gourmet burger bar and gastropub with a modern approach on American comfort foods." They offer over 17 different signature burgers, 15 signature handcrafted drinks, and over 65 craft beers from around the country. This place is sleek and trendy, from its red brick walls and all black tables and chairs, to its location right in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale. If you've been drinking downtown on a Friday or Saturday night then odds are you have probably seen this place squeezed in right between Tarpon Bend and Side Bar. It gets a lot of foot traffic and boast a heard of loyal fans. Unfortunately, reputations mean little to me. It's all about me and what my tongue has to say about it.

Appetizer - Loaded Tots $8.00

We were starving after the long drive trying to find an open burger place so went for an appetizer. The tots were good, served crispy with lots of cheese and sour cream. No real issues, but no excitement either. They were just tator tots...with melted cheese and sour cream. No real thought to go outside the box here.

Burger - Peggy $14.50 - 10oz certified angus beef, topped with pulled short rib, horseradish cheddar cheese, bourbon bbq sauce. (All burgers also come with lettuce, tomato, and raw onion)

Esthetically the burger looked nice, but as we all know looks can be deceiving. The menu is a good read and everything sounds nice on paper, but when you actually dig into the food there is something missing. That miss is in the execution. The menu over promises and under delivers. The grilled Certified Angus Beef patty itself was unevenly cooked, lacked proper seasoning (especially in the salt department), and was cooked way beyond the medium-rare I ordered. The bottom bun disappeared beneath the grease as it was no match for the burger. The horseradish cheddar went unnoticed, which is a feat in itself as horseradish usually has such a pronounced and distinct flavor. The bourbon bbq sauce was served on the side, thank god, because it was disgusting. I expected it to have a hint of bourbon just to add flavor and depth, but it ended up tasting like bourbon on the rocks. I swear you can taste the alcohol in it. GROSS! The best part of the burger was the short rib, which had the most depth of flavor of anything on the plate. I might be being a little harsh, but I expected more. I really wanted to like it, but I had to be honest with myself and all of you.

Side - Fries (Comes with the burger)

The hand cut fries were hot, but not crispy. They came out limp and that's never good. I would describe them as "eh".

Drink - Water

It was another day of recovery for me from the previous night's festivities.

Conclusion: Simply stated, overrated and over hyped.

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