Friday, January 6, 2012

Burger & Beer Joint - Miami Beach, FL

Thunder Road

It was New Year's Day so I decided to start 2012 off right with a burger. I rounded up some friends and headed down to watch the Miami Heat game at Burger & Beer Joint in Miami Beach. They also have a second location down on Brickell if you are interested. We decided to eat in the separate bar room to watch the game more closely, which in hindsight was definitely the wrong choice. The bar area was dark, way to dark to even read the menu. Service was slow as the bartender was also our waitress and the Heat game was shown only on one TV as some out of state visitors wanted their NFL games on. They should cater to their local crowd. Once that party left, the Heat game came up on all TV's.

Appetizers - Green Bean Fries and Mini Corndogs

The green bean fries were served with a black garlic aioli sauce. They were tempura battered which made them light and crunchy, but my issue was not with texture it was with taste. They were pretty much bland. The aioli was a minor help but overall it was just good.

The mini corndogs had the same issue. They were pretty much tasteless and leaned on the cheese sauce to provide all the flavor. They tasted like the average corndog, nothing special done to elevate them at all.

Burger - Thunder Road $14.00 - 10oz prime angus beef, hickory smoked bacon, American cheese, sesame seed bun, bourbon bbq sauce, served with skinny fries

It was too dark to see the doneness, but in the milliseconds during the camera flash I was able to make out medium-rare as I ordered. The menu states all burgers are cooked to medium-rare unless otherwise requested, so they should be pretty adept at hitting that mark. The burger had nice crusty grill marks along with that nice grill flavor. The sesame seed bun was light, airy, and toasted, holding up well to the beef. The bourbon bbq sauce was a nice touch and done way better than that gross stuff I had at ROK:BRGR! The biggest issue I had with the whole burger was the hickory smoked bacon. The pieces were really thick and really chewy. I had to eject most of them from the burger as my jaw was tired of chewing on what seemed like rubber. Overall it was very nice burger, but I still felt myself feeling slightly disappointed. I would describe it as better than good, but falling short of great. It did not blow me away.

Fries - Skinny Fries

The fries were not impressive. They were fries - thin, crunchy, and salty. Pretty much forgettable.

Drink - Red Stripe

A nice throwback to my Jamaican roots (That's a joke - I'm Jewish).

Conclusion: B&B Joint is a great bar/restaurant to meet with friends and watch some sports. The food is better than average, but I think people can get easily impressed by fancy names and reputations. If you give this place a try eat in the main restaurant area.

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