Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Georgie's Alibi - Wilton Manors, FL

The Knockout

I decided it was time to try an award winning burger. So my "ex" picked me up and we headed out east to a small city in north Broward called Wilton Manors. If you don't know Wilton Manors it's known for being a city of "alternate lifestyles". Not that there's anything wrong with that (Seinfeld episode and all around great quote). The restaurant was Georgie's Alibi. Now Georgie's has taken the coveted title of Best Burger in Fort Lauderdale two years in a row from the Riverwalk Trust Burger Battle. So let's say there was some hype in this review.

Appetizer - Grilled Fish Tacos $10.00 (Two tacos with side) - Grilled Mahi Mahi with fresh pico de gallo, shredded cabbage, guacamole, and chipotle-lime sour cream on grilled corn tortillas

I have nothing bad to say about the app. The fish tacos were bright, vibrant, and exploded with flavor. The mahi was grilled nicely and the whole thing tasted fresh.

Burger - The Knockout $10.95 - 2011 Riverwalk Burger Battle "Best Burger in Fort Lauderdale" Roasted jalapeno, aged cheddar, and cream cheese, bacon, and onion jam, with garlic aioli

I honestly was not impressed with the burger. There were a lot of flaws. The first thing I noticed was the char. It was grilled beyond belief, leaving an acrid taste in my mouth. I ordered medium-rare as I usually do but this thing was definitely medium-well to well done. The beef was too done to get any real flavor and it was dry. Even if the burger was cooked as asked I feel the cream cheese was too much and too overpowering. There was way more than just a schmear if you catch my drift. It was schlepped on the burger, covering up the unnoticeable garlic aioli and creating a cream cheesy mess of a sandwich. The challah bun was nice and soft and chewy, but the best tasting thing on the burger was definitely the onion jam, which was sweet and packed with flavor. Oh yeah, the roasted jalapenos popped out once in awhile to give a burst of heat in small doses. Overall my assessment was a lack of balance in flavors and a failure in execution.

Side - Fries

The fries were also a disappointment. They were served crispy, but not hot - weird. I couldn't detect any real potato flavor, they were just sort of there on the plate, not adding to my enjoyment.

Drink - Water

I didn't go with any fancy drink today, just good old tap water.

Conclusion: The menu really looked impressive, with a lot of unique options. The fish tacos as I mentioned gave promise for a good meal, but the main dish failed. This place was packed so I would assume that this place normally does serve great food, but this day was not there best burger day.

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  1. Give them another try! They were excellent when I went there.