Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mi Sandwich Cubano - Plantation, FL


Today was my 27th birthday so I knew I needed to do a burger. I was going to have a home cooked Italian dinner, so I took my lunch break to celebrate with myself. A friend of mine recommended a burger at a small sandwich shop called Mi Sandwich Cubano which he advertised as "The best burger ever!" So I decided to give it a try.

This place is a tiny little whole in the wall. Let me set the scene; ice cream cooler in the corner, one table for sitting, a couple bar stools, walls in dire need of a paint job, roof in need of repair, light sockets hanging on by a screw. It looks as if the place was just bought and they opened in the middle of the renovation. The only good thing I can say is that my meal was free. The young cashier was too enthralled with the Colombian soap opera occupying the flat screen overhead that he forgot to ring me up for anything. I didn't even realize it until I left and was driving home. I think  I got a little into the show too even though I couldn't understand anything, but you know those shows can be dramatic.

Burger - Colomburger $5.45 (Combo $7.45 w/fries and 12 oz soda) - lettuce, tomato, bacon, mozzarella cheese, pineapple, crushed potato chips, and mustard

I'm sorry, but the burger was a complete failure. Topping wise, it was your average Colombian style burger; pineapple for sweetness, potato chips for crunch, and a bunch of other ingredients giving it that Latin American flare. The shredded mozzarella cheese was not completely melted and in some parts not melted at all. It just lay cold with shredded structure intact. The sesame seed bun simply up and vanished amongst all the condiments. You can see a pink sauce drizzled on the burger, even though pink sauce was not included in the description on the menu. The real failure though, lay in the patty itself. No fresh beef here. This was frozen. The despicable patty was hard as a rock, overcooked beyond well done, and was as dry as a sand box. Very disappointing.

Side - French Fries $1.99

The fries were served hot and crispy. Pretty much your run of the mill street food fries.

Drink - Sprite

They only serve cans and bottles, no fountain drinks. You got your American choices such as Coke and Sprite, as well as Columbian sodas and juices served.

Conclusion: Rumors were this place used to be amazing, but as my research indicates a change in ownership may have caused this place to go downhill and if the burger speaks for the rest of the menu, than I'm sure the other sandwiches are more than lack luster as well. If you are looking for a fast food Colombian burger done better definitely try Los Perros!

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  1. this place was amazing and now it is closed down. I work across the street and would go there often. Once the prices started to rise and the food started to fail, stopped going. They were very good for a while.

    1. I guess by the time I made my way around there it was on the decline. They also closed Los Perros in Lauderhill which I liked.