Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lindburgers - Boca Raton, FL

#22 New Yorker

My older brother seems to get a weird type of enjoyment from me having a website strictly dedicated to burgers, so I thought I would indulge him and take a trip up to Boca Raton to take he and his fiancé out to try this burger joint near their home that he has been mentioning. Lucky for me he picked up the tab.

The place was called Lindburgers. It has an aviation theme which I didn't get, and really cared less to research why. I guess I liked the mystery. It's the self claimed home of the world famous 50 gourmet burgers. When I read through the menu my first thought was bullshit. Really all the burgers are just variations of each other. For instance, the number one selling burger on their menu is the #15 Sautéed mushrooms and grilled onions; however the #22 New Yorker, as you can see below is the exact same thing except they put cheese on it. I don't count that as two different gourmet burgers. In fact I don't count any of the burgers on the menu as gourmet. This isn't a gourmet burger place. Realistically they should drastically reduce their menu down to, maybe, the 10 burgers there actually are and call themselves the home of the 10 better than average burgers.

Burger - #22 New Yorker $9.29 - Mushrooms and grilled onions smothered in your choice of cheese.

The look of the burger on the plate to me said diner, but not in a bad way. It was just something about the presentation. The burger had nice grill marks, was cooked almost perfectly to medium-rare, held a good amount of juiciness, but maybe lacked a little bit of salt. It's almost amazing how many burgers lack salt. When it comes to beef it always needs more salt than you think and not that table salt either, Kosher salt and not just because I'm Jewish. Okay enough of that rant. The bun was a simple white bun, slightly toasted and soft. For the cheese I went with provolone which covered the grilled onions and mushrooms like a heated blanket of gooeyness. My only problem was the mushrooms. I'm not a 100% sure, but they seemed like canned shrooms to me. They just didn't have that fresh mushroom texture or flavor. Overall, it was way more enjoyable than my last couple burger excursions.

Side - French Fries

The menu described thick cut fries, which were in fact steak fries. They were a golden yellow, darker brown on some of the sharp edges, making them extra crispy. They definitely were hot, as white steam rolled out from each bite. Here too needed a little more salt.

Drink - Chocolate Milkshake

The milkshake was nice and chocolaty. It did this weird thing where the top half of the shake seemed warmer in temp than the bottom. Not sure how that was achieved, but the whole thing need to be the same temp - ice cold. The best part was that they left, whether purposely or not, chunks of unblended ice cream in the shake. I'm guessing they meant to do this as they serve it with a straw and a spoon, and like all good "diner milkshakes" had the tin can accompaniment of extra shake. It must of seemed like I was really enjoying it as my brother and his fiancé then decided to order one for themselves to share.

Conclusion: They claim to be the home of the 50 gourmet burgers. I don't really agree with their marketing campaign, but that neither here or there. I'm about the tast. What I do agree with is that they serve a satisfying plate of food with a diner quality to it. I say go give it a try for yourself.

My brother David and his fiancé Nohora

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  1. Lindburgers. As in Charles Lindbergh. Get it?

    1. But yeah, I actually really like their burgers here.