Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Latin Burger and Taco - Miami Food Truck

Latin Macho

I figured it was about damn time for me to hit up the food truck scence that has hit South Florida and do my first official burger review of a food truck. If you haven't yet made it out to try the ever growing wide range of trucks out there that offer up gourmet delictables and wild creations for very affordable prices then you are definitely missing out. The diversity throughout South Florida is perfectly mirrored in the diversity of the food truck scene. You can find anything and everything, from pizza to sushi, hot dogs to gyros, ice cream sandwiches to fish sandwiches. The options are really endless, and although the options aren't limited my taste buds always seem to lead me back to burgers.

This all leads me to Latin Burger and Taco, which serves up comfort food with a Latin flare. They must have a couple trucks because this is the first time I have seen this black and yellow version, usually it's black and pink. In any case Latin Burger and Taco is one of the original and most popular trucks in Miami and their sheik designed truck makes a big impression on the streets. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. Their menu may offer up favorites like tacos and pulled pork, but I went for the burger to see exactly what their Latin roots could do with this American favorite.

Burger - Latin Macho - chorizo, chuck, and sirloin burger, oaxaca cheese white American, caramelized onions & jalapenos with red pepper mayo

The burger is is a double patty all cooked on a flat top griddle. I was told the beef is Angus mixed with chorizo to provide that extra fattiness. I did enjoy the overall flavor profile going on in my mouth, but it wasn't without some draw backs. It could have used some more salt and seemed a bit too dry. The "hottie onions" which is caramelized onions and jalapenos give a nice sweet/spicy kick, but my favorite part was the red pepper mayo. It helped provide a nice creaminess to the burger which it really needed because of the medium/medium-well cooked patty. I wasn't too familiar with Oaxaca cheese, but it's a Mexican cheese similar to Monterey Jack and is usually used in quesadillas, empanadas, and other Latin specialties. Was informed that they no longer use Oaxaca cheese, but instead use white American. The bun was a straight forward white bun. They wrap the burger in tin foil, which steams the bun, and makes it super soft.

Conclusion: The flavor and Latin spice is all there to make their burger a winning stand out when you don't just want your average lettuce, tomato, and pickle burger. Latin Burger and Taco was not without faults, but is it also delivered some high points too. I am looking forward to trying their other menu options as well. Give this truck a try and let me know what you think! You can find out where they will be by following their Twitter account or Facebook page.

Twitter - @LatinBurger

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  1. I hope I can find trucks from the cars auctions brisbane event since it had been my long time dream to own a food truck and selling outdoors is like my thing. The burgers look yummy by the way!

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