Monday, March 12, 2012

Paramount Room - Chicago, IL

Kobe Burger

My beautiful Chicago host Stephanie mentioned that there was a cool little bar called Paramount Room that served up a ten dollar Kobe beef burger. Naturally I was down so we decided to stop by and give it a try. It was brunch time and we passed on the bloody marries and decided to stick to food. In hindsight we definitely should of got a little buzzed. The menu offered a unique blend of food seemed exciting to see brunch optiones offered at a bar, but I went with what I was there to try, the Kobe Burger.

Burger - Kobe Burger $10.00 - Wagu beef, brioche bun, romaine, red onion, beefsteak tomato, special sauce and a pickle.

Honestly I had high hopes for this burger, but as soon as it came to the table I knew the meal had took a wrong term. It looked dead. I gave it the finger test and it failed; it was a brick. Still I had to taste it. I put the slice of tomato on, a little lettuce, and took a bite. That Chevy slogan came to mind, "Like a rock" - LITERALY. It was a crime seen. What a waste of wagu beef! Whenever I say medium-rare and I get something totally on the other end of the spectrum, I honestly hope that maybe the server just heard me wrong and thought I said medium-well. Either way, this wasn't even medium-well, this was well-well done. Also, the burger to bun ratio was way off. Too much bun, not enough meant, and almost no "special" sauce. I don't think sauce could of saved this dry piece of meat. There was no coming back for this Kobe Burger.

Side - "Poutine" Frites $7.00 (Menu said $7, but my receipt said $5) - "Poutine-style" w/ pulled pork, gravy & melted cheddar

The "poutine" style fries were "eh." The fries were soggy, the pulled pork was tasteless, and the cheese was way too much. The pork definitely needed seasoning, mostly salt.

Drink - Water

I was nursing a hangover, although the bloody marries being served looked awesome and were served with a spear of a skewer, which the waitress was happy to bring two over on the house.

Conclusion: The Paramount Room was definitely a place to have a drink. I'd say stop by for happy hour and go eat somewhere else.

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