Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jer-Z Boys Burgers and Fries - Lauderhill, FL

LBI Burger

Jer-Z Boys is the latest burger spot that has seemed to pop up in my neighborhood. I've driving by it many times, but finally got the urge to actually go there and try it. The name itself automatically makes me think of MTV's Jersey Shore. So to say when we walked into the place that Italian vibe was very present. You have the red, white, and green of the Italian flag screaming across the walls of this place. It made me feel like I was a cast member on the boardwalk of Seaside Heights. It was lunch time and the two story restaurant was almost library quiet if not for the TV. Anyway after observing the joint for a couple minutes I placed my order and parked myself in front of the TV while I waited.

Burger - LBI Burger $5.49 Chipotle bacon cheddar burger

First off the description was confusing. Does it have chipotle bacon? Like do they rub the bacon with a chipotle or what? Turns out it was a chipotle sauce which wasn't discernible on the burger anyway. Okay wait...let me go back. So I ordered a burger off the menu and then they proceeded to ask what toppings and condiments I want on it, even though I just picked one off the menu. It's sort of the same as a create your own to me. If it comes with a chipotle sauce, why ask me if I want mayo or ketchup on it. I didn't see ketchup or mayo on the description. I am probably over reacting, but the whole thing was puzzling to me. Anyway let's just get to the eating of the burger. The patties are 4 ounces, but look even smaller as they are thicker and the bun over reached the meat. So to say the bun to meat ratio was off. The meat itself was overcooked and bland. Not much seasoning there. I can say the bacon was nice and crispy, and helped provide some of the salt that the burger definitely needed. The plain white bun was average and not toasted. It was a messy burger that just fell into the okay category.

Side - Chili Cheese Fries $3.99

The fries seemed like they were probably frozen. They lacked salt and any real potato flavor. The chili was subpar and the cheese sauce was blah.

Drink - Cherry Coke $1.59

Any time I see Cherry Coke offered at a fountain that place gets points.

Conclusion: Jer-Z Boys seems to fall into the okay category for me. The problem is there are way too many okay burgers out there. Okay doesn't cut it for me.

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  1. My friend was trying to make us go here, but i knew it was no good. Have you ever been to Los Verdes? They are opening a one in place of Los Perros.

    1. No. Haven't tried Los Verdes yet, but excited now that you mentioned one will be opening by me soon!