Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Conch Shack - Key West, FL


I was in Key West for my boy Justin's bachelor party and though we pretty much were on a straight liquid diet I still managed to get a burger in. The day pretty much went like this: wake up, get drunk. That's it. So after hitting up Fat Tuesdays for some 190 Octane's, we managed to stumble around Duval Street until we landed on a couple bar stools which stood outside of this tiny place called The Conch Shack. I looked up and saw "Cheeseburger" on the menu and said F-it! Let's do it!!!

The groom!

Burger - Cheeseburger $6.00 - 1/4lb w/ lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion

I believe the bun was an ordinary Publix white bun; toasted on the griddle, soft and expected for street food. The vegetables seemed fairly fresh. The burger itself was griddled, giving it a nice crust, the beef was nothing to boast about, and honestly I can not remember anything about the seasoning. What I can remember was the spicy Pink Sauce. I asked them if the had any house sauce for it and the cook said Pink Sauce. So I said yeah go ahead and he lathered it on for me. Maybe it was the liquor talking, but that Pink Sauce was one of the best house sauces that I have tried. It was a mayo based mixture with an uppercut of heat, not like some of those pussy pink sauces out there. It helped provide extra moisture which the patty needed and most of the flavor.

Side - Conch Fritters $7.50 - 6 piece

This restaurant shack advertised itself as having "World Famous" conch fritters so I had to say to hell with the fries and do a little seafood side. I ordered the 6 fritter portion. They came out piping hot with nice crunchy exterior and a soft pillowy inside. They serve them with tartar sauce, but I saw the cook dipping them in the same Pink Sauce he used for my burger so I followed suit. Again the pink sauce was killer and would work on anything from burgers, to hot dogs, to yup...conch fritters. The aroma of fresh conch filled the air around my nostrils and I was definitely a happy drunk!

Conclusion: The staff is friendly and food is alcohol friendly. By no stretch of the imagination was this the best burger I have ever had, but when you are drunk stumbling in the keys this sure hits the spot! Make sure to get Pink Sauce!

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