Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tom&Eddie's - Vernon Hills, IL

Luv Me 'Dew

I made my way back up to the surrounding suburbs of Chicago where I found my next burger. The plane ride in sent my hunger through the roof and before stopping to check in at my hotel some some work buddies and myself decided to stop in at a local burger chain that opened it's doors in 2012 called Tom&Eddie's.

Burger - Luv Me 'Dew - Tom & Eddie's signature spicy mayonnaise, topped with melted Wisconsin Pepper Jack and Peppadew sweet piquante peppers on a gourmet roll

The first thing I noticed was that the burger looked nothing like the picture on their walls or menu. But we all know looks can be deceiving, taste isn't. The 100% Angus patty itself had a really nice sear on top and bottom from the flattop. They cook their burger to medium-well, unless otherwise specified, which of course I forgot to do. Still the patty was juicy, however it lacked that real beef flavor and suffered from a lack of seasoning. The meat itself didn't explode with flavor, but the spicy mayo and Peppadew peppers definitely helped. I never had or heard for that matter of a Peppadew pepper, but I would describe it as a bright red, pickled pepper, fruity, with a mild heat. The pepper jack cheese wasn't melted all the way, which is a no-no for me, and the gourmet bun, didn't really seem that gourmet. It was just a sesame seed bun to me, but nicely toasted. Overall it was just a good chain burger, nothing special, but nothing disgraceful either.

Side - Haystack Onion Rings - Thin cut onion slices marinated in buttermilk, fried, and seasoned with a homemade spice blend

The onion rings didn't blow me away. They do give you more than enough. Really it's like a mountain that you need to eat with a fork, but the spice blend just offered a little kick of heat, and they were somewhat soggy. In hindsight I would have rather went with the fries.

Drink - Milkshake - REESE'S® PEANUT BUTTER CUP

The shake was served in a glass with a thick straw. It was creamy, and definitely peanut-buttery. They garnish it with chopped peanut butter cups on top. Obviously I enjoyed it!

Conclusion: The place seemed to try and present themselves as affordable gourmet with burger options that included toppings such as Granny Smith apples, cremini mushrooma, gruyere cheese, but although maybe tasty, visually they were like a Five Guys with fancified toppings. It's worth the stop to give them a try, but not the best chain out there.

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