Monday, August 27, 2012

The Burger Freak - Fort Lauderdale, FL

The Spider Lady

The Burger Freak is one of the newest players to pop up lately in the South Florida burger world. I must say when I heard about this place I was definitely intrigued. However, when I did a little research I found it was going to be hard for me to ever get to try this place. They are only open Monday-Friday from 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM and I do work a regular job. That is a complete four and a half hour window to get to try this place and no they are not open on weekends. I have no idea in the world why the hours are the way they are, but hey I am just another customer so I, like you, have to just shut up and live with it. On the plus side they do offer delivery.

I gathered up some friends of mine and we made our way through the remnants of Tropical Storm Isaac to give this freaky burger joint a try. First off the place was tiny. I knew this going in from all the web chatter, such as they only have 6 seats, although by the time I made my appearance there they were now up to 10 seats and trust me; they definitely have reached maximum capacity. The concept itself is original and exciting. It is freak show of burgers. Besides the walls lined with circus paraphernalia the burgers boast names like The Bearded Lady, The Snake Charmer, and The Two Headed Man. The staff was friendly and I felt like so far we were off to a good start.

Burger - The Spider Lady $7.47 - Cilantro lime sour cream, smoked mozzarella, roasted red peppers & grilled onions, lettuce & tomato

The burger took awhile to get out to our table and presentation wise it didn't look half bad. The ingredients intrigued me and I was hopeful. The first bite was to say confusing. I lifted the bun and began to go through my normal routine of trying each ingredient individually. The roasted red peppers seemed like they came from a jar, the caramelized onions had no real taste, the smoked mozzarella wasn't completely melted, and the cilantro lime sour cream really didn't pack any cilantro or lime flavor. The biggest failure was with the beef. I believe these are premade frozen patties which lacked in seasoning. The meat itself was tasteless and had a grainy texture. The big BEEFY flavor you hope for was absent. Best part was the soft and buttery brioche bun. I was FREAK-ing disappointed.

Side - Natural Cut Fries $2.51

At least they don't lie and tell you the fries are fresh cut. The menu clearly states they are natural cut, which is basically frozen fries with skins still on them. They came out hot and crispy, but no seasoning and I mean NO SEASONING, at all.  The potato flavor was lacking, but that is what happens when you use sub-par ingredients.

Drink - Sprite

They only offer canned sodas, bottled water, and some type of bottled ice tea.

Conclusion: The Burger Freak does provide a unique concept and menu, however much is lost in the way of quality. The most important part of any burger is the beef and sadly this is the major downfall here. There are plenty of similar types of burger joints that provide a higher quality hamburger. Frozen food will never win.

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  1. I agree with all your points. Unfortunately my husband loves them. To each there own. Our office is right down the street, so we have ordered a couple times. I got something different every time..but all were just eh. We have picked it up and had it delivered. Doesn't matter. The location was for a lunch place that has been around for EVER! and i amazing. I think this is one of his kids.