Monday, March 11, 2013

Uncle Al's Cafe - Sunrise, FL

Chili-Cheddar Burger
I love spur of the moment burger review. I didn't really plan on eating a burger today, although the thought is always present. A quick call from a friend turned into lunch, where when I got to the establishment, turned in to "I'm gonna get a burger."
The establishment for this day was Uncle Al's Cafe in Sunrise, really more like Weston as it sits right on that border. The place is know for their chicken wings, but something about the chili burger was sticking out in my mind so I went with that. Uncle Al's cafe is your stereotypical sports bar equipped with flat screen tv's, beer specials, and a high-energized fun-filled atmosphere. It's a great place to have a beer and watch a game, but I wanted to see if it was a great place to have a burger.

Burger - Chili-Cheddar Burger $8.49 - An original burger topped with our homemade chili, melted cheddar cheese and chopped onion
This burger wasn't meant to be pretty. This is a bar with bar food. The beef itself had nice steak-like taste and texture. It was seasoned nicely and inside had a nice amount of pink that I love to see. This chili itself had a fair amount of heat. Not too hot to handle, but enough to know you are eating chili without scarring those afraid of spice. It was little heavy on the salt if anything. They garnish with raw onion, but here too they are a little heavy handed for my taste. I'm not big on raw onion and they do more than just sprinkle a little on it. The bun surprisingly was able to stand up to the burger and chili with becoming a soggy mess as usually buns do.
Side - Fries - The serve the crinkle cut variety of fries, but do however offer a Cajun seasoned curly fry option as well. I went with the crinkle cut. They were salted nicely, but not as crispy as I hoped for. I like my fries a little on the well done side so each one has a nice crunch. I would say they are just in the okay to good range.
Drink - Beer - They offer about 15 beers on tap. I went with a Yuengling which is always good. The beer was served ice cold. Interesting fact; Yuengling is America's oldest brewery.

Conclusion: It definitely was a satisfying bar burger to have with an ice cold beer. I wouldn't go out my way to get this, but if in the area and looking to watch a game and have some better than average bar food, then yes.
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